Illuminating. Imaginative. Inspiring.

Pronounced Kirk-coo-bree, this historic harbour town overflows with warmth, community spirit and a real passion for creativity.  From the shimmering play of light upon the water, to the stillness of a stolen moment and the charming beauty of its pastel painted streets; Kirkcudbright is richly deserving of its Artists’ Town title. 

Most famous for the artists’ colony that blossomed here in the early 20th century, when artists including EA Hornel, Jessie M King and Charles Oppenheimer made this town their home, Kirkcudbright’s artistic roots in fact go back much further, and they reach confidently forward into today, with a myriad of contemporary artists and crafts people finding inspiration in this most creative of places.  Most recently the town has welcomed the opening of Kirkcudbright Galleries, an artistic venue of national importance.

The Kirkcudbright Festival of Light began as a way to celebrate the light that has inspired so many artists and makers, marking the opening of the new gallery that displays their work. 

With our community’s creativity and imagination set alight our festival has grown and become a beacon of inspiration during the autumn months.  With the support of our guest curator Sally Hobson, our community has created an exciting programme of events and experiences that combine world class cultural performances with illuminated immersive experiences that will delight and inspire.

We invite you to join us during this ten day festival that showcases the imagination, illumination and inspiration of Kirkcudbright; Scotland’s Artists Town.